Physio and Injury

Physio and Injury Management

Injuries could sidetrack your dreams and become a grave hindrance in achieving your goals. Resulting either from incidents/accidents or from sports where the body is stretched beyond its capacity, these injuries need specialized support and attention. Quality rehabilitation is essential to ensure that you get back to your life path. At ProSport you will meet the best professionals, the elite few, who bring in their mastery to help you to get yourself back on the track.

Sports Injury Management & Prevention

Posture Analysis and Correction (Prevention Of Musculoskeletal Dysfunction)

All Phases Of Rehabilitation (From Post Operative to Top Level Competition Treatment)

Prosport was established with the vision of providing India with a purpose built facility to assess, treat and rehabilitate all types of general,sports and orthopaedic injuries. Our internationally trained Physiotherapists specialise in returning patients to their normal lifestyles with evidence-based treatment protocols. We are a very hands-on and exercise-based facility and use a variety of techniques including soft tissue mobilisation, stretching, dry needling, taping, joint mobilisation/manipulation, exercise prescription and gym-based rehabilitation, clinical Pilates included. Patients are prescribed individualised programs, educated about their problem and with supervision encouraged to take ownership of their pathway to recovery. Other services include but are not limited to foot orthotic prescription, biomechanical movement analysis and sports specific screening.

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