Kids & Teen

Kids & Teen

The growing years greatly define our roles as adults. At ProSport, we have a programs for children between ages 8 and 16 with an aptitude for sport, both recreational and professional. This unique training camp employs training methods to steer your kids to perform at their peak.

Each child is assessed and then given exercise regimes designed for specific development that is aligned to the sport of their choice and goals. For example, a child interested in swimming will be made to focus more on arms and calves to up the swimming regimen. Growth hormone is important to the normal development of a child and plays a vital role in adapting to the stress of resistance training.

Providing training from the early years will not just enhance overall fitness but also boost their sporting capabilities and shape their confidence. Also your kid will be more able to steer clear of injuries and take up more challenges to rise to the next level.

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